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  • Standard Panels

  • Semi-flexible panels.

  • Custom made panels

If you are familiar with the solar technology you would know that today there is an enormously wide choice of providers and products. From the low-budget product to hi-tech solutions – there is nothing that you cannot get.

Currently Solarest assembles high-performance modules with so-called 4BB cells; with that the enterprise is extremely well-positioned. Nonetheless, only those who focus on further development can hope to survive in a highly dynamic environment such as the solar power sector.

Solar Roofs
In this solution we are using our own panels and patented frame system.

Standard Panels

Power 250…310W, here we are mostly using 4-5 BusBars Monocristalline cells.


Semi-flexible modules

A solution for mobile surfaces like motorhouses, caravans and boats.

These panels are lightweight(250W= 1,8kg) , high efficient and flexible(approx 30%). Efficiency of this type of panels can be 100…200W – depends on the mounting area suurusest kuhu paigaldatakse. All those panels are custom made – exact copy of free area.


Custom solutions

Solutions where the classic panels is manufactured in custom size. Designed for this particular place by given measures, like balcony guard.

The power of the module depend on the surface area, 100…300W. Those panels are also custom made and every panel is unique.